We invest in early stage start-up companies
with innovative technologies catering mainly to the global defense intelligence market,
as well as pioneering know-how ag-tech companies

About Us

Titan Ventures, gained deep market understanding and expertise through years of involvement, which ranges from entrepreneurship, to government agency relationships, to investments, enabled to identify the lack of adequate intelligence solutions to cope with the current technological and operational challenges.

Our Added Value

Titan Ventures can provide insights on future market trends, identify optional collaboration & synergy between portfolio companies and potential strategic partners to scale them into large, meaningful companies.

Window to technologies
& new business models

Collaboration & synergy
between the portfolio companies

Insights on future
market trends



Active Cyber Stealth mode company

ILSAR holds an exclusive know-how on the development and growth of Périgord black truffles plantations. Along with its strategic partners, Ilsar set a goal to become a global player in the truffles market.


Cobwebs offers innovative cutting – edge Webint systems for both national security agencies and the private sector.


Active Cyber Stealth mode company

IOTT provides operational integration & implementation of intelligence technology solutions to over 70 countries worldwide.

The Team